Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located at 1544 20th Street, between Broadway and Colorado, in Santa Monica.

How do I get there?
From 10W exit 26th street/Cloverfield north. Continue north on Cloverfield to Colorado. Turn left on Colorado, cross 20th street and take the first right into the alley. We are the second building from the corner where you will find a small parking area.

Do I have to be an elite athlete to come to your facility?
Phase IV Health & Performance Center is a leading health and fitness company designing exercise and nutrition strategies to transform your physiology. We are dedicated to improving the wellbeing and lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities. Empowering you with actionable solutions to achieve your personal goals. Whether you are a world-class athlete, a grandparent looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle, a recreational athlete looking to improve your game, an executive seeking to find greater balance in your life, or hoping to lose weight, we will design a personalized program to help you reach your goals.

How long should I expect a visit to last?
Your session will vary in length according to its purpose. The sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes for a free one-on-one consultation, to a 3-day weekend. The typical client will spend an average of one-and-one-half hours per visit.

How should I dress?
Please come dressed in workout clothes. Remember to bring the proper gear if you are coming in for specific assessments.

Where shall I park?
We have a parking area behind our building at the main entrance in the alleyway.

What forms of payment do you accept?
For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, checks and cash.

Do you offer services for all budgets?
Our goal is to serve the needs of people of all ages and abilities. With this in mind we are willing to design a personalized program to meet your athletic goals as well as financial goals.