Feedback on Phase IV Bike Fit : 51 year old male cyclist with knee problems:

I have been meaning to write to Robert directly.
My riding and running have improved since the fit, the drills and a few other adjustments to the cork in my shoe etc. Most importantly, I had quadricep tendinitis in my right leg and from the adjustments/ drill and exercises it has improved substantially. I'm back to about 95% of my ironman training and improving everyday.
Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Robert!

-Bob Steinbertg, Cyclist, Age 51

“Bob and Phase IV are great resources. Bob is the reason I have been able to stay healthy, and the blood lactate testing is really informative - my interval sessions are far more efficient and effective than they were before I had the information provided by Phase IV, something I have really noticed in my time trial efforts.”

-Joseph Chick, Triathlete, Age 41

“I was familiar with Robert Forster's philosophy of training from his talk at an AAF Track & Field Clinic in early 2006.

One of my athletes, Kristabel, had qualified for the State Meet in XC in 2005, and placed in 112th, with a time of over 20 minutes. It was this experience that motivated her to get additional help with her upper body strength and fitness.

I was pleased when I learned that she had changed her "personal trainer" to Phase IV, and I was very comfortable we could coordinate her running training on our team (Palisades H.S.), with the body work and nutritional counseling she was receiving from Phase IV.

The results have been spectacular, as she has become a recognized state level, and national level runner with three major invitational victories, all times for three mile courses under 18 minutes, and finally, a ninth place finish in the state meet (improving two minutes and 100 places over 2005), with a time of 18:10 (5k), and a 20th place in Foot Locker regional, earning third team All West. “

-Ronald Brumel, Head Track and XC Coach, Palisades Charter H.S.

“Last summer my training at Phase IV included an integrated weight training, running and cross training program. Running workouts were done in heart rate zones based on my lactate test. Improvement in my running form based on a Phase IV gait analysis was a significant factor in my dramatic improvement this fall. Based on my strong performance this fall I have been pleased to accept a full scholarship to compete in distance running next year at Vanderbilt University.

Without a doubt, my success has in a large part due to the scientific approach to training at Phase IV, in coordination with my high school coach.”

-Kristabel Doebel-Hickok, Student Athlete, Age 17

“I came to Phase IV looking for a training program that would improve my race performance while keeping me injury free. The program they created for me accomplished that with even greater results than I could've imagined. I was really surprised that in a relatively short period of time and number of workouts how much I improved. I think the key was they provided an efficient plan, based on proven scientific methods, which focused my efforts towards my specific goal.

Phase IV is a fabulous resource and invaluable to anyone trying to improve their athletic performance. Who wouldn't want to cross the finish line way before you ever thought you could? Thanks Phase IV!”

-Matthew Miller, Triathlete, Age 37

“I want to thank Phase IV for all your help in my pursuit of a Boston qualifying time at the St. George marathon this past weekend. I ran very conservatively and easily made it by 15 minutes. I did a 25-minute pr, which far exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how strong I felt. All those leg presses paid off!!

-Cathy Leavy, Runner, Age 46

"I have always been active, athletic & involved with sports most of my life from grade school & high school swim team to now competing in age group triathlons.

I was first introduced to Phase IV through the LA Tri club in May 2008, shortly after moving to the LA area from Denver. I attended a seminar entitled “Conquering The Fit But Fat Syndrome”. The lecture discussed several concepts including periodization as well as scientific testing to better understand metabolism and improved training by properly defining appropriate HR training zones specific to one’s lactic thresholds. I had read of these concepts previously but with so much information available it was sometimes difficult to take training tips or programs off the shelf and make them work for me. I was intrigued by Phase IV’s scientific and holistic approach to improving athletic performance.

When first becoming involved with Phase IV, I had just completed physical therapy coming off ACL reconstruction surgery earlier in the year as a result of a skiing accident. My initial goals were to continue an approach to physical therapy that would allow me to get back to participating in triathlons that same season as well as prepare me for the upcoming ski season. From a triathlon and endurance training perspective, the most beneficial aspect of working with Phase IV had been the use of Blood Lactate testing to specifically identify my appropriate HR zones in order to create a custom training plan leveraging those HR zones to build and further develop my aerobic and overall fitness levels. Another aspect of training that I would have likely sold short left to my own devices but that I believe proved to be very valuable was the strength & conditioning program. I believe this aspect of the program was key in helping me to remain injury free.

In short, by working within my specific HR zones I can swim, bike & run faster for longer periods of time without injury. As a result of working with Phase IV, I was able to successfully train and complete my first marathon injury free this past February. Building upon this success, I am now training for my first Ironman distance triathlon this November.

I have become a true believer in the science behind the training at Phase IV and I believe that it is the use of this science applied to a personalized program for my specific fitness and goals which distinguishes Phase IV from other gyms & fitness centers that simply offer a cookie cutter approach. I have found the staff at Phase IV to be very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping me to achieve my goals. I look forward to continued training with Phase IV on my way to what I am sure will be a successful Ironman Arizona."

-Peter Laskiewicz, Triathlete, Age 42


"My experience at Phase IV has been empowering! I've never had good advice and direction on how to lose weight and establish a healthier lifestyle that worked for me. Their scientific process took all of my doubts away. I now have the understanding that my diet is right for me, that I'm exercise in a safe and healthy way that my program has taken my body, my science into account - this has made me so confident in myself and my ability to accomplish my lifestyle goals. The staff at Phase IV is incredible! They are so experienced and knowledgeable, so patient and attentive and they've been as excited for me to achieve good health as I am. Phase IV is enabling a lifestyle change for me I never dreamed possible."

Carol Cook, Retiree who came to Phase IV with the goal of losing weight ahead of her son's wedding, Age 64

I first came to Phase IV for an RMR test. I have been a yo yo dieter since I was a teenager and I wanted to understand the science behind losing weight once and for all. The RMR test showed me exactly how many calories I burned in a day. My next step was a VO2
test which would show me what percentage of fat I burned when working out as opposed to the percentage of carbohydrates burned. I have worked out consistently since my 20's so I was very surprised to
learn my heart was burning fat at a fairly inefficient rate compared to how much and how hard I was working out. After being on the Phase IV exercise program specifically designed for me, I was able to increase my fat burning capacity to 71% in just 12 weeks. I was amazed! I was able to run and push myself much harder than I thought I was ever capable of doing. I am not an athlete. My training goal was not to be able to run a marathon. I just wanted to fit into my
bikini. I was able to lose the weight I wanted and was even able to eat more food than I was used to eating because I was burning more calories than I used to. I am almost to my goal weight. My next goal will be to learn how to finally maintain that weight so I can stop the yo yo dieting for good!

The staff at Phase IV is professional, courteous and educated. They listened to what I wanted and showed me exactly how to achieve it.

Phase IV may train athletes, but they can train the average person as will with just as much success. My heartfelt thanks to everyone at Phase IV.

-Laura Park, Self-Employed, Age 49

As a lifelong runner at 35, I stand at 6'2", and despite my marathon training I hovered around 215-220 lbs. Worried that my weight would end my career prematurely, I signed up with Phase IV to drop some weight and be a better runner. Within four months I dropped 20 lbs and am looking to lose more, with a stronger body to boot. Everyone I know has told me how noticeably I've changed.

The punchline is I didn't have to work any harder. These guys had the science and expertise to look at my life and expose my bad habits, and they stuck with me to make sure I changed those elements and followed the program. This program is no gimmick, it's not a fad, it's pure science and it works. Considering the money we spend on our fitness and education, this was completely worth the expense.

-Ron Bassilian, Age 35


“Phase IV fitness training workouts are a very efficient way to get stronger. The workouts are tremendously well rounded and really balance the body. This is an extremely important supplement to my cycling.”

-Rick Mashhoon, Business Owner/President, Age 50

“Get in here NOW! It Works!”

-Ted Kahan, Real Estate Executive, Age 45

“I love the personalized care and attention to detail.”

-S.A., Entertainment Manager, Age 45


“He saved my career and enabled me to come back and win my 7th Wimbledon Championship.”

-Pete Sampras, Tennis Legend


“Months before the Aids Lifecycle ride, in June this year, I had attended some of Phase IV’s workshops on hydration, nutrition and recovery. I put this information to use and what a difference! Each day when I finished (whether it was 75 or 115 miles) I felt strong--could have kept going on ANY day. I also didn't feel wiped out around camp in the evening. Two days after the ride I felt great. The combination of more serious workouts, combined with these workshops made ALL the difference.”

-Brian Neiman, Cyclist

“My total cholesterol went from 230 to 145. My LDL cholesterol went from 151 down to 88. My triglycerides they went from 178 down to 86, and my HDL cholesterol is at 46. I need to thank you for giving me all the good advice for the diet. I know that all these things really, really worked, and I’m just so thrilled about it and I just wanted to let you know and thank you for everything that you did for me”

-Tricia Bertalan, Mother, Age 48

“At the beginning, I decided I did not need the help of the nutritionist, in theory, I thought I knew what to eat, both to loose the extra pounds I had gained from lack of exercise and to get the best out of my training program.

After a few weeks, it was obvious to me that I needed help, and Phase IV was there for me! You took the time to develop a personalized nutrition plan and followed up with individual sessions to get my feedback and to help me keep on track with my program. Your Exercise Physiologist is very knowledgeable giving choices to satisfy my individual preferences. I was provided easy and great recipes, and information about what to look for in all kinds of food, even sport drinks.

I am a smarter and more efficient athlete since I decided to work with the Phase IV team.”

-Maritza Agena, Triathlete, Age 38