The Phase IV Equipoise Program™

The incredible pace of the corporate executive’s life, punctuated by stress and crushing time demands, can make it difficult for you to fully realize your personal health and fitness potential. Long days, late hours, frequent travel, and too many restaurant meals- it all adds up and hinders any chance of maintaining balance in your life with an effective exercise and sound nutrition program.

At Phase IV, we understand this. In addition to our scientific team, our staff includes former corporate executives, and we maximize our knowledge and expertise to find a solution balancing your health and fitness goals with your corporate realities. Every workout, every meal, and every lifestyle choice must have maximum impact to take best advantage of your time and energy.

Equipoise (def.): equilibrium, balance, counterbalance

We have to accept the reality that in today’s world our body can never be the temple of purity we would like. The insidious corruption of health can come from indulgences and sources including environmental pollutants and contaminants in the food supply. At Phase IV, we utilize the leading science and most innovative technologies to create a safe and time effective approach to diet and exercise, counterbalancing the damaging impact of life in our modern business world.

It all begins with an understanding of your own body. The Phase IV Process enables you to redefine your relationship with your body- helping you to regain control of its workings and understand its’ needs. We employ scientifically sound methods in metabolic and structural analysis to address the individual needs of your body: How does it work best? What does require to attain peak performance in life or sport?

We utilize proprietary structural and metabolic evaluations to unlock the secrets of your personal physiology, empower you with an understanding of why your body currently doesn’t function well in certain areas, and how to make it perform better in all areas. Whether you are at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity, or you suffer from neck and back pain from too many hours at your desk, Phase IV exercise and nutrition programs will help you create the body and lifestyle you desire and deserve. We know the sacrifices you made to get where you are, and the goals you have for an active retirement. Together we will create for you the optimal blend of productive workouts, proper nutrition, and a healthful lifestyle to protect what you’ve achieved and ensure you will enjoy the fruits of all you’ve earned. Whether it is 5 or 25 years down the road, you’ll be ready.

The EQUIPOISE PROGRAM™ delivers a complete, balanced, and precise plan of action. This plan includes: Periodization strength and flexibility exercises, diet and supplementation recommendations, and specifically tailored workout programs to keep functioning like someone half your age while maintaining the competitive edge in the business world.

Utilizing a comprehensive and sustainable exercise and nutrition program based on the same Periodization Training Principles used to develop the world’s best athletes, we will teach you how to exercise properly, when to rest and recover, and how to do it in the most time effective manner. Our Registered Dietitians will teach you when and what to eat, and in proper portions, to fuel your life and achieve your goals. We will show you the proper form for strength and stretching exercises, as well as the proper techniques and mechanics for walking, hiking, running, swimming, biking, tennis, golf, etc. Whatever your activities and sports, we will help you choose the right equipment from shoes to bikes, and clubs to racquets.

As Physical Therapists, we have the expertise to design and execute safe, effective and sustainable fitness programs aimed to achieve the goals identified by you, your physician and through our clinical assessments. Whether it is physical injury, impairment or simply a lack of motivation keeping you from maintaining previous diet and exercise routines, Phase IV will design an EQUIPOISE PROGRAM™ of exercises and nutrition that empowers you to achieve the equilibrium and balance you seek, meet your health goals and stick with it forever.