If you think there is nothing that you can do to help your arthritis, think again. Whether it is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis, Phase IV’s experienced staff of Licensed Physical Therapists, Certified Exercise Physiologists and Registered Dietitians have experience in improving your health, or pain level, and can generally make life with arthritis easier. Phase IV professionals are dedicated to improve your function, capabilities and therefore freedoms.

Through detailed assessments of your lifestyle, diet, level of activity, medical history, family medical history, medications, communications with your physician, and any lab results we assess your joint function and provide appropriate treatment.

The nutrients you consume and your fitness level have a direct impact on your arthritis. Certain nutrients like vitamin C, glucosamine and others can have direct effects on relieving the symptoms associated with arthritis and disease progression.

Our Registered Dietitian will teach you when and what to eat, and in proper portions to fuel your life. Your diet will be evaluated for any nutrient deficiencies or excesses. You will learn how to develop practical and easy strategies to optimize your diet to help manage your arthritis.

Through Phase IV Structural Exams and Metabolic Testing, Phase IV Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists work together to create custom designed Life Performance Programs to get you stronger and more fit, feeling better about yourself and your capabilities. Scientific research and years of treating people suffering from arthritis shows that exercise actually helps lessen pain, increases range of movement, reduces fatigue and helps you feel better overall.

The Life Performance Program is individualized, practical and convenient for you to put into action. We build a program around your life, based on your day-to-day responsibilities and functional requirements. For a program to work it has to be easy, convenient, and practical, and this is what we will create for you.