Cardiovascular Disease

With America’s cholesterol levels and blood pressure on the rise, many of us are prey for cardiovascular disease.

Whether you’ve had a heart attack, have high cholesterol, or simply want to reduce your risk factors for developing heart problems, Phase IV can help you prevent disease, stop the progression of disease, and reverse some effects of disease.

Genetics play a big part in determining your cardiovascular health, but your diet and fitness level are two major contributing factors you can control. These factors can help your reduce your cholesterol levels by as much as 50% in some instances.

We will work with you to design an individualized health and fitness solution enabling you to balance your rigorous schedule with your desire to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. Our scientifically tested methods, state-of-the-art facility, and experienced staff of Licensed Physical Therapists, Certified Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians and medical staff will create a custom Life Performance Program to suit your specific needs and address your health risks.

In order to make the program effective, we take into consideration your lifestyle, diet, medical history, family medical history, medications, communications with your physician, weight history and any lab results you might have to get at the root of the problem.

At Phase IV we utilize proprietary structural and metabolic evaluations to unlock the secrets of your personal physiology, and empower you with an understanding of why your body currently doesn’t function well in certain areas, and how to make it perform better in all areas.

Finally, we offer you scientifically sound and easy to follow changes to decrease your risk for heart disease.

Utilizing a comprehensive and sustainable exercise and nutrition program we will teach you how to exercise properly, when to rest, and how to do it in the most time effective manner to decrease your cardiovascular risk factors. Our Registered Dietitians will teach you when and what to eat, and in proper portions to fuel your life to achieve your goals.