Childhood Weight Management

Through our work with children and adolescents of all skill levels, Phase IV has seen remarkable results with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and optimizing athletic abilities. We realized we have the ability to make a difference and improve quality of life for many children and adolescents. As a result, we've designed programs to empower kids to take control of their health and their future.

Overweight and obesity place children at an increased risk for developing insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, and poor health status at both a young age and throughout their adult life.

In addition, being overweight is associated with a greater risk of social and psychological problems, such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem. Furthermore, the likelihood that obese adolescents will become obese adults is between 70% and 80%.

Phase IV's Childhood Weight Management Program is a solution to some of the most common barriers to physical activity among youth. We offer a holistic comprehensive program, using our technology and expertise.

We offer children a secure environment where they have the proper equipment to build self-confidence to exercise. Performance insecurities are one of the biggest factors limiting kids from being active and participating in team activities. We individualize training to give kids the confidence to lead an active lifestyle. Our philosophy is to get kids excited about exercising by getting them to do it right. By teaching proper technique, form, and increasing strength, activities such as biking, running, and sports will be easier and more comfortable. Treatment characteristics resulting in success include approaches that empower self-confidence and feelings of control.

We also offer accurate dietary assessments and individualized and family nutritional counseling to teach your kids, as well as the whole family, how to eat right. Our Registered Dietitians are certified in childhood and adolescent weight management, and will help your child reach or maintain their optimal weight. If your child is living with diabetes we will teach them to eat to manage their diabetes, and get the most nutrition out of their diet to improve their quality of life. Optimal nutrition knowledge includes blood sugar response to foods, amount of food, meal timing, and nutrient density of foods.

Our goal at Phase IV is to provide you and your children with science-based resources to help empower them to be active and eat right.

Phase IV offers:

  • Accurate aerobic exercises determined through Phase IV Metabolic Testing to get your kids to burn fat as a primary energy source
  • Periodized Weight Training programs specifically developed for your child by a Physical Therapist to help get them stronger and leaner
  • If your child has a particular sport interest, weight-training programs will be designed to help improve their performance in that specific sport
  • A secure environment where kids have the proper equipment to build self-confidence
  • Accurate dietary assessment
  • Comprehensive individual and family nutrition education by a Registered Dietitian
  • Our goal is to provide you and your children with science based resources to help empower them to eat right