Phase IV Fitness Academy

Phase IV Summer Fitness Academy

Intense training schedules. Pressure to win and be the best. Painful injuries. Given all these factors, it’s not surprising so many student athletes burn out on their sport. More than 3.5 million sports-related injuries were treated in kids under age 15.

Are you giving your student athlete every opportunity to reach their personal goals?


Phase IV is the leader in scientific health and fitness training programs for adolescents. All programs are overseen by Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Credentialed Coaches & Registered Dietitians.

Utilizing the most advanced scientific training concepts to gain an ethical performance edge, for more than 25 years our programs have provided students the critical foundation for all Jr. High School, High School and College sports programs. Phase IV Fitness Academy Offers:

  • For 13-18 and 8-12 year-olds
  • Open to all skill levels & boys and girls
  • Builds strong bodies protected from injury
  • Age-appropriate strength, flexibility, nutrition and cardio program
  • Program proven to protect against injury, improves posture and performance
  • 90-minute classes on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Starting July 10th and running through August
  • To sign up or find out more, call 310-582-8212 or email

Proven effective in the development of hundreds of local students, as well as the world’s best athletes, including Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova, Allyson Felix, NFL, NBA & Ironman World Champions.


For the student athlete looking to gain an even greater edge, Phase IV also offers:

  • Individual training programs at our state-of-art scientific training facility in Santa Monica
  • Programs designed and overseen by Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Credentialed Coaches & Registered Dietitians
  • Sports-specific Periodization training programs for all ages and skill levels
  • Nutrition programs available

At Phase IV we understand how serious athletes are always looking for ways to peak to achieve their greatest potential, whether it is to play recreational, high school, college or even professional sports. Based in Santa Monica, Phase IV has a state-of-the-art facility, utilizing the latest scientific training concepts.

Every student athlete is evaluated by a Physical Therapist before being instructed in exercises build the necessary foundation in core strength, joint stability, flexibility, power and speed applicable to all sports. A Registered Dietitian will guide each athlete on how to properly fuel for their training and competitions. Our Exercise Physiologist will do a variety of assessments to examine each athlete’s strength and weaknesses. Then with our Credentialed Coaches we will teach each individual athlete to improve these areas.

To find out more please call us at 310-582-8212 or email us at