Living With Type I Diabetes

Whether you were recently diagnosed with diabetes or have had diabetes your entire life, it can be hard to manage. But it doesn’t have to be. Well-managed diabetes should not prevent you from participating in any of life’s activities, including physically challenging activities (even as intense as Ironman). In fact, with the Phase IV fitness and nutrition program, you can get into your best shape ever and achieve fitness goals you never imagined possible.

Phase IV has developed solutions to teach you how to take control of your diabetes, and feel confident and secure in all the activities you undertake. Through nutritional education and increased exercise levels, insulin sensitivity is enhanced, more consistent glycemic control is achieved, and future complications are limited.

As a multidisciplinary team we work closely together, and, along with your physician we'll develop your personalized program including nutritional education, insulin management, a new exercise program or progression of your exercise program to optimize your performance. The program is built around your life and based on your day-to-day needs.

We start the program by having you meet with a Phase IV Registered Dietitian to review blood sugar control, teach you how to monitor blood sugar and how to treat blood sugar highs and lows. The program then takes a close analytical look at your diet, insulin doses and/or medications and physical activity and corresponding blood sugar levels. We also look closely at your training schedule or physical activities to ensure you have the right balance of fuels and insulin so you’re able to participate in any sport or activity you desire.

Detailed menu plans that fit your lifestyle are provided to help manage your carbohydrate and insulin balance, and optimize your complete nutritional intake. All plans are set up to give you detailed meals and teach you how to build your own meals.

Phase IV helps you build a sustainable exercise program based on the same Periodized Training principles used to develop the world’s best athletes. We will teach you how to exercise properly, when to rest and recover, and how to do it in the most time effective manner. Using a combination of the Phase IV Metabolic Testing to determine effective training in fat burning zones, and individualized weight-training programs designed by Physical Therapists, you will get fit in no time.

Phase IV designs comprehensive programs aimed at achieving the goals you identified then helps you execute an exercise and nutritional program that empowers you to achieve your health goals, and stick with it!