Living With Type II Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious medical condition affecting 20.8 million people in America. Because Diabetes increases your risk for other serious medical conditions, such as heart, eye, kidney, and vascular diseases (including high cholesterol and high blood pressure), diabetes must be carefully managed.

However, well-managed diabetes should not prevent you from participating in any of life’s activities. In fact, with the Phase IV health and fitness program, you can get into your best shape ever and achieve fitness goals you never imagined possible.

Phase IV has developed solutions to empower you to take control of your diabetes and be healthy. Through nutritional education and increased exercise levels, you will reach and maintain a healthy weight, your insulin sensitivity will be enhanced, you will have better glycemic control, and you will reduce your risk of developing future complications.

Our scientifically tested methods, state-of-the-art facility, and experienced staff of licensed physical therapists, certified exercise physiologists, registered dietitians, certified orthotist and medical staff will create a custom program to suit your specific needs.

It all begins with an understanding of your own body. The Phase IV Process enables you to redefine your relationship with your body helping you regain control of its workings and understand its’ needs. We employ scientifically sound methods in Metabolic and Structural analysis to address the individual needs of your body.

We start with a Phase IV Registered Dietitian reviewing your blood sugar control, teaching you how to monitor blood sugar and how to treat blood sugar highs and lows. The program then takes a close analytical look at your diet, insulin doses and/or medications, physical activity and corresponding blood sugar levels. We also look closely at your training schedule or physical activities to ensure they have the right balance of fuels and insulin, so you’re able to participate in any physical activity or sport you like. Detailed menu plans that fit your lifestyle are provided to help manage your carbohydrate and insulin balance, and optimize your complete nutritional intake. All plans are set up to give you detailed meals and teach you how to build your own meals.

Your exercise plan will begin with the Phase IV Metabolic Testing protocol to determine your body’s current preference for energy production, and direct us to a specific set of strategies to modify your metabolism.

Utilizing a comprehensive and sustainable exercise and nutrition program, we will teach you how to exercise properly, when to rest, and how to do it in the most time effective manner. Our Registered Dietitians will teach you when and what to eat, and in proper portions to fuel your life to achieve your goals. We will show you the proper form for strength and stretching exercises, as well as the proper techniques and mechanics for walking, hiking, running, swimming, biking, tennis, golf, etc.

At Phase IV we design comprehensive programs aimed at achieving the goals identified by you, your physician, and through our clinical assessments. Phase IV has the capability and experience to design an exercise and nutritional program that empowers you to achieve your health and lifestyle goals, and stick with it.