Adult Weight Management

Phase IV Health and Performance Center’s weight management program includes weight gain, weight loss and weight maintenance. We provide solutions for those who need to lose 5 pounds or 105 pounds, or who just want to “clean up” their eating habits. Our weight management programs go beyond weight management; we address your concerns for other underlying health factors including: cholesterol management, cancer prevention, post-pregnancy health, etc.

The way your body reacts to your diet is not only dependent on the foods you eat, but also the fine balance of all elements of your lifestyle. Starting with a global view of your lifestyle, including your diet, physical activity level, work environment, medical history, and medications, we examine how different facets of your life interact and impact your well-being.

Weight management is about eating right, and doing the right type and amount of physical activity.

We simplify the process by offering you one place to put all the elements together - learning about your body, learning what you should and shouldn’t be doing, and learning how to put a plan into action.

The program is completely individualized, practical and convenient for you to put into action. The weight management program is built around your day-to-day life. For a program to work it has to be easy, convenient, and practical. This what Phase IV will do for you.

Life is too hectic. Phase IV will make things easier for you by being a comprehensive answer to getting you in shape. Providing you with answers to your questions, and solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

Phase IV’s goal is to offer a comprehensive service answering all of your weight management needs. Phase IV offers a knowledge base of the intricate relationship between the mental, metabolic, and physical. We offer a personalized service with a multidisciplinary staff to coordinate the interaction between your different activities and lifestyle behaviors.

Our philosophy is that weight management is dependent on eating right, and not only doing aerobic exercise to burn the calories, but doing it at specifically prescribed intervals designed to re-engineer your metabolism to favor burning fats for energy. We include weight training not only to keep your muscles toned and prevent any injuries, but also to develop more lean body mass (i.e. muscle) with it’s higher metabolic activity so you are burning more calories all day long.

Aerobic activity like walking, hiking, jogging, and cycling is going to get you to burn calories, and teach your body how to burn fat, so you can lose the weight more quickly, stay healthy, keep active, and get your heart in shape.

Through metabolic blood lactate testing, our Exercise Physiologists identify your fat burning exercise zones and how your body burns fuels at different exercise intensities. We then help you feel comfortable exercising by setting up a training guide with the most effective training intensities and durations in order to get the best results.

At Phase IV you will be evaluated head-to-toe by a Physical Therapist and then prescribed an individualized weight-training program. Our staff will work with you until you are comfortable performing your program independently.

If you are concerned that exercise may be too stressful for your heart, we are trained to make sure you are not over training or over taxing your body to put you at risk for a later complication.

Our Registered Dietitians make sure your nutritional intake compliments your physical activity and still allows for weight loss. We start by trying to get a good picture of your day-to-day lifestyle by asking you to complete a 3-day food diary and activity log that includes everything you eat, drink, the activity that you do, how hungry you are, how you feel, and the time of day of your meals. We then analyze what and how much you are eating, then compare it to what you really need and when you need it.

Our programs are individualized so it works for you – because no two people are created equal. In order to make the program effective, we take into consideration your medical history, pregnancy history, family medical history, medications, communications with your physician, weight history and any lab results that you might have. We try to determine any main causes of weight gain to get at the root of the problem. We also look at your diet history to better understand what has and has not worked for you in the past, and what are your best motivators.

Finally, we put what we learned into practical and easy to follow changes. We attempt to make these changes easy and not leave you hungry, allowing changes to naturally occur.

After taking into consideration all the different lifestyle factors, we identify 2-3 weaknesses to start and strategize how to best achieve resolving these issues. By starting with small steps, we achieve practical and sustainable lifestyle changes.

During weekly or monthly follow up visits, we continuously re-evaluate how the program is progressing and what modification might be needed, and offer support to keep you on track with your diet. We also add new information to keep optimizing your diet over time.

Detailed menu plans can be provided to give you guidance and help you adhere to better eating habits. All plans are set up so that it gives you detail, and teaches you how to build your own meals.

We work together on changing lifestyle habits so that the weight doesn’t just come off- it stays off.