Nutrition Testimonials


“My total cholesterol went from 230 to 145. My LDL cholesterol went from 151 down to 88. My triglycerides they went from 178 down to 86, and my HDL cholesterol is at 46. I need to thank you for giving me all the good advice for the diet. I know that all these things really, really worked, and I’m just so thrilled about it and I just wanted to let you know and thank you for everything that you did for me”

-Tricia Bertalan, Mother, Age 48

“At the beginning, I decided I did not need the help of the nutritionist, in theory, I thought I knew what to eat, both to loose the extra pounds I had gained from lack of exercise and to get the best out of my training program.

After a few weeks, it was obvious to me that I needed help, and Phase IV was there for me! You took the time to develop a personalized nutrition plan and followed up with individual sessions to get my feedback and to help me keep on track with my program. Your Exercise Physiologist is very knowledgeable giving choices to satisfy my individual preferences. I was provided easy and great recipes, and information about what to look for in all kinds of food, even sport drinks.

I am a smarter and more efficient athlete since I decided to work with the Phase IV team.”

-Maritza Agena, Triathlete, Age 38