Scientific Training and Performance Testimonials

Robert Forster, CEO & Founder of Phase IV and Forster Physical Therapy has teamed with Herbalife to create a fitness program using the very science that has made Robert so successful. These programs on video will be available soon but follow this link to see a preview -

“Bob and Phase IV are great resources. Bob is the reason I have been able to stay healthy, and the blood lactate testing is really informative - my interval sessions are far more efficient and effective than they were before I had the information provided by Phase IV, something I have really noticed in my time trial efforts.”

-Joseph Field, Competative Triathlete, Age 41

“Last summer my training at Phase IV included an integrated weight training, running and cross training program. Running workouts were done in heart rate zones based on a lactate test. Improvement in my running form based on a Phase IV gait analysis was a significant factor in my dramatic improvement this fall. Based on my strong performance this fall I have been pleased to accept a full scholarship to compete in distance running next year at Vanderbilt University.

Without a doubt, my success has in a large part due to the scientific approach to training at Phase IV, in coordination with my high school coach.”

-Kristabel Doebel-Hickok, Student Athlete, Age 17

“I came to Phase IV looking for a training program that would improve my race performance while keeping me injury free. The program they created for me accomplished that with even greater results than I could've imagined. I was really surprised that in a relatively short period of time and number of workouts how much I improved. I think the key was they provided an efficient plan, based on proven scientific methods, which focused my efforts towards my specific goal.

Phase IV is a fabulous resource and invaluable to anyone trying to improve their athletic performance. Who wouldn't want to cross the finish line way before you ever thought you could? Thanks Phase IV!”

-Matthew Miller, Triathlete, Age 37

“I want to thank Phase IV for all your help in my pursuit of a Boston qualifying time at the St. George marathon this past weekend. I ran very conservatively and easily made it by 15 minutes. I did a 25-minute pr, which far exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how strong I felt. All those leg presses paid off!!


-Cathy Leavy, Runner, Age 46